Zero Install

the antidote to app-stores

Mailing lists

The project has a single mailing list, which can be used for sending bug reports, patches, suggestions, questions, etc.

Note: You cannot post without subscribing, due to the large amount of spam we were getting, but you can subscribe and then disable mail delivery if you prefer to read the list via one of the web interfaces below rather than by getting emails.

If clicking on the news: link above directly doesn't work:

  1. Load Pan (or some other news-reader) and add as a new server (Edit->Edit News Servers).
  2. Type zero-install into the group search box (top left).
  3. You can right click over the group and choose Subscribe from the menu to make it easier to find it in future. Note that 'Subscribing' to a news group just marks it as interesting to your news-reader. It is different to subscribing to get emails.

Bug tracker

2012-08-25 : Notice : Due to a recent new upgrade, versions of 0install before 1.11 cannot submit bug reports using the built-in bug reporter - reports appear to be delivered, but they are not. Please use 0install 1.11 or later. Sorry!

Bugs can also be filed on the bug tracker. However, it's best to post non-trivial bugs to the mailing list too, as more people will see them there.


We can (occasionally) be found on IRC on Freenode, in #0install.


If possible, please send questions and comments to the mailing list, so that other people see them and they appear in the searchable archives. It's also more likely that you'll get a reply if more people see your question. Messages sent directly to me will be forwarded to the mailing list first, unless you specifically ask me not to do this.

However, reports of security problems or requests for interviews may be sent by email.

Commercial support

If you require commercial support, you can either ask on the mailing list (see above) or email. Please say what kind of support you need: do you want a new feature implemented, or help making your existing application available?